The portal CONNECTION BEIRUT is an online magazine. Its purpose is to serve the Brazilian community, and Lebanese expatriates in Lebanon, and therefore it is published in Portuguese and English.
Our website is based on the city of Beirut, but we have a worldwide online readers access flow. The magazine was born from a visionary and energetic woman, Viviane Carvalho, whose dream was to connect the Brazilian and Lebanese community and update information in Lebanon-Brazil axis and spread news of both communities as well as provide information in Portuguese for Brazilian this region , many of whom could not follow the news and events of the existing publications in Arabic.

Our Mission

Today, our mission is to build a bridge between the Brazilian community in Lebanon and the Lebanese community resident in Brazil, as well as contribute to the expatriate community living in Lebanon, disseminating information on the main events, community events, tips, interviews, fashion, décor, right, disclosure of charitable works, poetry, art and culture.

Our Vision

We understand that a good integration between the Brazilian communities, and Lebanese expatriate in Lebanon is vital for the perfect identity between them. Looking to expand our communication, we provide online content at no extra charge to our readers. We hope that our work is a space where you can join in one voice all Brazilian / Lebanese community in Lebanon axis / Brazil, seeing the victory of challenges that arise while living outside of their country and of their comfort zone.

Our Values

Confidence in truth is our North. We always try to transmit and disseminate knowledge in an open, fair, democratic, transparent, in several languages, respecting the legitimate interests of Brazilian immigrants and as well as Lebanese and, at the same time, we want as many readers as employees of Beirut Connection can grow personally and collectively.

This post is also available in: pt-brPortuguês (Portuguese (Brazil))