Last Saturday, 12/03/2016, at the Royal Tulip Achrafieh hotel , took place the pre-launch of the project Brazilian Women in Lebanon. The project is a partnership between Viviane Carvalho, founder of Connection Beirut magazine, and the international photographer Hassan Ammar, from Lebanon. Hassan works at the AP News Agency and accepted the challenge of capturing the Brazilians who chose Lebanon as a place to study, work or raise their children.



Considering the lack of publications on the subject, the organizers of the project hope that this initiative will be another step towards reporting the Brazilian community in the country of the Phoenicians. Although the exhibition represents a small percentage compared to the 15,000 Brazilians who live in Lebanon, which are mostly “brasilibanes”, according to the neologism created by the Brazilian researcher Roberto Khatlab, the project portrays the diversity and strength of the Brazilian community. The exhibition will show the daily life of 40 Brazilian women, who have left their homeland, Brazil, to live and pioneer Lebanon, a nation full of history, natural beauty and that, in some way, they call it “HOME”. Demonstrating the importance of integration between the two fraternal nations, the project has the support of USEK, through the Center for Cultural Studies of Latin America and its director Roberto Khatlab, and the pro-rector of cultural affairs of the University and its pro-rector Hoda Matar Nehme. The exhibition will be open to the public and the launch is already schedule: 07/12 at 7:00 pm in the USEK Archeology Museum. The exhibition will be open to visitation until 09/12. we are counting on your presence!

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by Viviane Carvalho


Carla Masri, Samia Barakat and Viviane Carvalho


Viviane Carvalho and Isabela Sawabini


Julia Ibrahim and Viviane Carvalho


Soraia Awada

img_4069 img_4201 img_4229 img_4146

Viviane Guedes, Thatiana Gomes e Latife Nakadi

Viviane Guedes, Thatiana Gomes and Latife Nakadi


Joao Victor Lincoln e Hassan Miguel Ammar

Joao Victor Lincoln and Hassan Miguel Ammar

Latife Nakadi, Viviane Carvalho e Regina Fenianos

Latife Nakadi, Viviane Carvalho and Regina Fenianos

img_4127 img_4123 img_4118

Viviane Carvalho e Dayana El Sayed

Viviane Carvalho and Dayana El Sayed


Dayana, Edjane Aoun, Ilda Nahas, Mabel Nakrour, Sheila Ghostin and Latife Nader (from left to right )


Mabel Nakrour, Jehan Osmar, Viviane Carvalho, Adriana Pereira, Romi Carvalho and Karla Rizk


Thatiana Gomes, Viviane Carvalho and Inez Ghandour


Lamya Hage, Viviane Carvalho , Najla Sleiman and Claudia Melhem


Latife Nakadi, Viviane Carvalho, Sheila Ghostine, Gracia Romanos and Regina Fenianos


Sawsan Saleh, Lamya Hage and Samia Barakat


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