Alessandra Egro has a degree in Biology and Community Health from Tufts University and a Master in Public Health and Nutrition from Johns Hopkins University.  She currently works as a public health researcher and consultant, and is also a health coach. She has a food blog called Food Cookture (www.foodcookture.com) where she loves to share healthy and delicious recipes influenced by the various cultures of her family and her travels.  She is from São Paulo, Brazil, married to an Italian, and lives in the United States.



Amina Safieddine Nesr is a graduate of Lebanese American University in Economics. She is a dynamic mother of three, has a diversified experience in corporate business between Latin America and Africa. She is a certified trainer in emotional intelligence and leadership from the American University of Beirut.In addition to all that Mrs. Amina is a social activist in NGOs, she manages a business oriented organization that helps empower Lebanese youth, called Lobnani, she also volunteers for other causes such as drugs, women rights and youth unemployment.



Ana Leticia Duarte Medeiros is a lawyer and has a Master in International Law. She is an activist and a researcher in the areas of human rights and humanitarian law. She worked in several humanitarian missions in Africa and Latin America. She is passionate about art and travel, and currently resides in Beirut.





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Chantal Behlock is a young Lebanese entrepreneur, leading an Events Management and Communication company since 2005. With her BA degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy and in Public Relations, Chantal BEHLOCK asserted not only the communication skills.Talented, workaholic, helpful, dynamic, business oriented and decision-maker, she never surrenders to stress and pursues her dreams whatever difficult they may seem.Being herself continuously up to date, searching and self-developing, she is the non-stop source of new ideas, designs and concepts.



03Claudinha Rahme is from Sao Paulo of origin, but she does not feel that she belongs to any specific place. She adapts easily in any new place, since she feels happy. She loves to learn new things, meeting people, cultures, places and experiencing new experiences. She is a blogger, curious, and she is always tuned into everything that is happening in the world.
She has been working with citizen journalism for 8 years ago, since that she found her passion. She was part of the first online newspaper in Portuguese in Lebanon,                                      and currently she writes for a Brazilian blog the world, and occasionally to other blogs too.



Fifi Smaili, Brazilian, from São Paulo. Fifi is daughter of Lebanese. She has a degree in Architect from São Paulo and has a Master in Landscape by the Lebanese University. Fifi lives in Lebanon since 1997 and she loves to exchange ideas, experience, new cultures and believe that the first obligation is to be happy and the second to make others happy.






Gabrielle Soares Rocha was born in São Paulo, but has a Lebanese heart. She has a degree in Administration specializing in Marketing from LAU. She is a blogger and an entrepreneur. She is a woman who doesn’t stay away from challenges. Gabrielle is fearless, and believes in success with big dreams in her life.




Luciano Aschkar is a lawyer and a poet. He lives in the state of São Paulo, and was the president of his class and served political roles, holding positions in the legislative and the executive branches. He is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants in Brazil, from Deirmimas in Jnoub, and Baskinta in Mount Lebanon. He is passionate about culture, and above all, the traditions of Lebanon. He is the founder of the Facebook group I love Lebanon (Eu Amo o Líbano), the pioneer group in Brazil that is based on respecting diversities, and has become a big virtual Lebanese family.





Margareth Abussamra was born in São Paulo. She is Lebanese daughter. She has a degree in Journalism and Photography andh has working for 37 years in the Brazilian media. She traveled to many countries to work, as a journalist and photographer. She photographed world figures includind President of the United States, Hollywood celebrities, fashion personalities like Christian Lacroix, Freddie Mercury music, Tina Turner, gastronomy as Ferran Adria. She made an exposure Shows Brazil and South America decoration – Casa Cor São Paulo. She was a pioneer in Brazil in photographing marriage to journalistic style.Currently Margareth has been developing copyright photographic projects.



Patricia Oliveira was educated in the United Kingdom in International Relations (BA), Development Management (MSC) and Public Health (MSC). She has 17 years of work experience in the area of development and humanitarian aid in Africa, Latin America and in the last eight years in the Middle East, mainly with the United Nations. She is a fascinated by the Phoenician culture and the Arab language, and hence moving to Lebanon in 2013 was a dream come true.




Roberto Khatlab has a degree in History and is a writer. He writes at the French Newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour in Beirut. Roberto is the director of the Center of Studies and Cultures of Latin America at the University Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon. He is also a tour guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon.





 Roger Salameh is a Lebanese young man who grew up in a beach city called Beirut. He started working in the fashion industry after getting his degree in business management and discovered later that he has passion for this field that became part of his daily routine. Roger is always showing the beautiful side of Beirut through his work as a brand manager in the luxury fashion world.

Sheila Nabil el Khouri was born in São Paulo, and she is Lebanese origin. She graduated in Business Administration at Mackenzie University. Sheila has been living in Lebanon for 25 years ago and she is married and has two children. Sheila is a great admirer of Lebanese cuisine and has been specialized in the dishes of oriental culture. She has been found as a great appreciator of culinary art.


Soraya Mourad, Brazilian, she was born in São Paulo, the daughter of Lebanese lives in Beirut since 1995. She graduated in Business Administration and Marketing from the Lebanese American University (LAU). She loves meeting people of all ages, races and cultures. She believes that kindness generates kindness and together we can work for a better world.

Tamara Vizioli was born in Brasilia, Brazil. She is not afraid to take risks and seek new horizons for her self-knowledge. She lived in Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, USA, Dubai , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and currently lives in Brasilia, Brazil. She is constantly ahead of major events of the Brazilian and International Diplomatic Community. Tamara tries to balance her spouse’s agenda, the Brazilian diplomat Carlos Vinicius Vizioli, and her personal life, as a dedicated mom of little Miguel. Her great passions are working with pens and color pencils, and Jiu-Jitsu. Tamara is growing her career as an interior designer, and has been enhancing her knowledge in the art of etiquette and hosting guests.




Viviane Carvalho is from Brasilia, Brazil. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Public Administration, however public relations is her vocation at heart. She loves to travel and meet new people. Viviane never misses the opportunity to learn about and experience new and different cultures. She is the Creator and Founder of Connection Beirut since 2015. Viviane leads the Editorial Department of the website and magazine, and serves as Director of Content and Publisher. She believes in the gift of life and the pursuit of happiness, and her first goal is to spread joy wherever she goes.

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