Son of Lebanese from the village of Falougha, Bekaa, he is born in the State of Pará-Brazil, where he lived until the age of 6. Returning to Lebanon, where he lived until the age of 20 years, during that time he happened to attend 2 years at the University Saint Joseph-USJ of dentistry in Beirut, but went to Brazil to complete his studies at the University of São Paulo. It took him 6 years studying the course of dental surgeon and over 2 years of implantodongista to complete his specialty.

However in 2014, his fate was again modified and Dr. André Rami decided to return to Lebanon. And here, he found his wife, Dr. Katia Raya, who helped him to stay in Lebanon. He says the main motivations for going back to the land of the Cedars, was to search for changes, as well as the ease of work on Lebanese soil. But Dr. Rami says he loves the two Nations. In Brazil, he had the opportunity to work in his area, he had an excellent clinic and a good clientele due to the large number of patients who were conduced to his clinic through dental insurance companies in Brazil.



Another factor that contributed to obtain his vast clientele, was the size of the Brazilian population, especially in the city of São Paulo. He was known as the dentist of the Lebanese in Brazil, since he worked at the Consulate in Lebanon in São Paulo, at the time of College

But currently, Dr. André Rami is known as the dentist of Brazilians who live in Lebanon. One of the advantages of working in Lebanon is word-of-mouth advertising, since the community is small and all the people know each other, thus facilitating their stay in the land of his parents. Loving the work is a quality of a good professional and Dr. André makes a true art of dental aesthetics, as he works with passion and care, considering that for Dr. Rami be a healthcare professional is his great pride to be able to heal the pain, treating a patient, always looking after them with sincere care, in addition he devotes special attention to children who come to his office.


But don’t think that this excellent dentist shines only in dentistry. Another great passion is teaching the Arabic language. He is a professor of Arabic and learned that profession with his parents in São Paulo, since they have a language school in São Paulo, where he used to teach Arabic, French and Spanish. And here in Lebanon, Dr. André has taught Arabic lessons for the Brazilian community. For he is another way to contribute with the Brazilians living in Lebanon who need to learn to adapt in Lebanese soil.


And to complete your happiness in Lebanon, Dr. André Rami opened his own practice clinic in Jounieh, where he plays along with his sister and partner, also a dentist, Dr. Rita Rami. However he acts as surgeon in three clinics in Lebanon in order to reach the greatest number of patients. Among his future projects, Dr. André Rami intends to act in hospital as surgeon in implandontology. And he doesn’t discard the possibility of returning to Brazil, since his clinic continues in Brazil, along with their friends and partners of profession, Dr. Ricardo and Ivan Zuanetti. Working with dedication and excellence, in addition to the legality is prerequisite to Dr. André Rami. For this, he validated his diploma in Ministry of education in Lebanon, having filled all the criteria, as well as to regulate their profession was held evidence of doctor dentist in Lebanon and thus exercise his profession legally in the country of the Cedars. Schedule your appointment and notice the ability and the difference that Dr. Rami has shown to receive their patients in Lebanon.

by Viviane Carvalho

More info: Dr. André Rami Telephones: 09636627/ 76147543

Jounieh- Ghadir- City Center- 8 e etage

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