Since the world is world, jewelry represent the power and wealth of a people. The Egyptians have coveted and showed their treasures, filled with their precious jewelry as status symbol, as wealth.

With time, jewels gained even more significance and ended up being one of the most luxurious and desired all around the world.

No need to say, that artisans and jewelry shops appeared everywhere, working on different styles in order to satisfy the most different tastes and pockets.

In Lebanon, our highlight goes to jeweler who belongs to the Brazilan-Lebanese community, Elie Nakrour.




Elie come from a long line of jeweler, with over 250 years of history. He has lived in Boston (1977) where he started his studies gemology. Elie went to Brazil in 1980, aiming to continue his studies on the field.



Elie Nakrour closes to his grandfather picture, Mr.Anis Hanna Nakrour and his grandgrandfather Mr. Hanna Ibrahim El Sayegh


He has concluded his studies at the Brazilian Institute of gems and  precious metals, and stayed there for 4 years, when he started his own business at Rua Augusta, Sao Paulo.

Still in Brazil he got married to the Brazilian Mabel Nakrour, and together they had two daughters, Helena and Emilie. The family lives in Lebanon since 1990.




His success in Brazil is easy to be noticed, with his pieces being wore by celebrities such as the Miss Brazil (1979) Marta Jussara Costa, and the late great presenter Hebe Camargo.

Sadly, after a robbery at his shop he decided to leave Brazilian lands, and lived for a while in Saudi Arabia.

The gemologist and owner of the Nakrour jewelry in Jounieh exalts the field in Lebanon, but he has clients from the Gulf area as well.


img_3354 img_3341


Started in 1993, near the famous coast of Jounieh his shop displays collections that go from more classic pieces to modern ones. Meting the expectations of all ages and pockets. And this is the greatest differential of the jeweler, being able to produce and address several markets, young, elegant ladies, children he had even lapidated the third biggest emerald in the world, which came all the way from Colombia.


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Ellie Nakrour surprises for the quality and finesse of his work. Not to mention all the beauty and sophistication of the jewels. The pieces sold for him have the warranty of being done by someone who dedicate himself entirely to his work, and put on to it 23 years of experience.

Nakrour, just like his creations, is shinning in Lebanon.

by Viviane Carvalho

Translated by Gabrielle Nakhoul

More info: Nakroour Jewelry


telephones: 09637030 e 03698769.

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