Dr. May-2In the last 25 years, May Chidiac, Lebanese journalist, broke barriers of tradition in a patriarchal society. At the age of 14 years, Ms. Chidiac married and after 40 days regreted and sought an annulment of her marriage. This woman with an extremely strong personality, was a pioneer in Lebanon and the Middle East. At her 20 years she graduated in journalism, requested the annulment of her marriage to the Court. And since then, Mrs. Chidiac distinguished herself as a critical journalist in a country devastated by war.

Sra. Chidiac recebendo prêmio SEA

Mrs. Chidiac, the 2nd on left, at SEA award

Ms. Chidiac became anchor and war correspondent in the LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation). A fearless and brave woman, who reported, without fear of the front line of the civil war in Lebanon, and made his name in Lebanese journalist community. Chidiac was threatened with death, but was never reason to stop their work or their passion to fight against oppression. And unfortunately in 2005, she was the first woman attacked and seriously injured by political motive by a car bomb in Lebanon. She lost her left leg above the knee and his left arm was amputated due to serious injury. She underwent surgery and experience 33 of exhaustive rehabilitation, but never lost hope or the strength to be the voice of the people.

Sra. May Chidiac recebendo o prêmio Phoenix.

Mrs. May Chidiac received the prize “Le Prix”

Ms. Chidiac reports that the will to live and fight for her ideals never left her, not even when she was in the hospital awaiting surgery between life and death,  she was already making plans and setting goals for when she was done through all that. This brave and warrior woman, fought for her life but not forgetting her main goal: to fight for Lebanon. And in July 2006, ten months after the assassination attempt, May Chidiac was back on the air for a talk show,  for many times in pain and discomfort caused by amputation of her members. Ms. Chidiac,  have learned to deal with the new reality of record her weekly TV program, and perform reconstructive surgeries and repair at the same time.

But work is a verb that this journalist has performed with great success. After 3 years of the accident, Ms. Chidiac finished her PHD in information and communication sciences at the University Paris II-Pantheon Assas. Stopping is a word that Ms. May Chidiac  does not conjugates, she also founded the Foundation May Chidiac, an organization committed to education, social welfare and human rights with emphasis on women’s rights.

Sra. Chidiac no lançamento de seu livro

Mrs. Chidiac at the launching of her book “Le Ciel M’attend” in 2007

Throughout her career, Ms. Chidiac received numerous international honours, recognitions and awards, including Le Prix de Francophonie pour  dexpressão, UNESCO Award Liberté Guillermo Cano Award for freedom of expression and many others. In 2007, she published her autobiography Le Ciel Mattendra book in French, German, Italian and Arabic, which was awarded the Prix Vérité (Truth) in Le Cannet, France. Ahead of the Foundation May Chidiac, promoted the Conference: Women on the Front Lines (WOFL), which aims to realize the women empowerment in Lebanese soil, which has been successful in Lebanon with the participation of several authorities including the wife of the first Lebanese Prime Minister Mrs. Tammam Salam. The Conference includes discussions on the role of women in diplomacy at all levels: diplomacy, internal affairs, foreign policy, civilian issues, human rights, and social well-being, in addition to bringing the vision of women in journalism and in the film industry, demonstrating that there are no barriers to the women, including  the participation of Ms. Nadine Labaki, Lebanese filmmaker.

Sra. Chidiac durante discurso de abertura da Conferência WOFL em 01/03/2016 em Beirute.

Mrs. Chidiac during the her opening speech in the Conference on WOLF at 01/03/2016 in Beirut.




















Ms. Chidiac promotes the importance in believing in the ability and competence of women in the Lebanese political society, however she claims that the problem for the conquest of high positions would be the mentality of society itself, which does not believe in the power of the Lebanese woman, even from the women themselves, who do not accept seeing another woman in a progress line other than her own, and often prefers to make room for a man rather than witness another woman featured, given the competition from Lebanese culture. Ms. Chidiac believes in female empowerment in the land of the Phoenicians. “Lebanese women are emancipated and open compared to other countries in the Middle East, they identify with other progressive Nations, and we have many women in high positions in banks and industries, once during the war many men had to go into exile in the country and many women were ahead of business, having success in their endeavors.” When asked what would be the solution to the empowerment of women in Lebanese society, Ms. Chidiac believes that despite Lebanon being large on college campuses, and as well as in the population, seeking to achieve a high educational level, they have managed to find their places on the podium in the business community, however the problem is their political representation and public representation. May chidiac_tcm4-6648_w735_h413.jpg-2-3For the solution of this problem, Ms. Chidiac believes the quota system of at least 30 of the waves of political representation should be for the female audience. However the entire female representation in the legislature don’t exceed 3 of representation in the Parliamentary Assembly, in case of approved, such  law,  would harm the current 97 of elected members that would inevitable result lose 27 of their positions. Ms. Chidiac complements: “the discrimination has occurred from the Parliament, as women can gain their rights, if you don’t have laws passed to them?” It’s not easy to win this challenge. But Ms. Chidiac believes in Lebanon, her country, which demonstrates the power of rebirth, as the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, as well as she explains, it is the root of mankind, land of every civilization. This strong and determined woman, believes in the power of each woman, who must not only rely on their beauty, despite being extremely feminine, however she believes in their intelligence, persuasion, and in their work. She claims that “If you believe in yourself, and prove that you do have power, and demonstrate to others that you are worthy of their trust, you will conquer the success, since women are stronger than men. When a woman wants to prove to humans on their ability, are different from men, we can be friendly and able to solve problems under several aspects simultaneously. It is part of female nature and we are unique. ” Without doubt, Ms. May Chidiac is a woman with a firm hand, and a Phoenix, which proves that living is fighting not only against each other, but winning their own difficulties and compete with himself in his flaws and failures. Without doubt, an example of life and resiliency.


By Viviane Carvalho

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