And it’s christmas! That time in year when the green, red and golden is everywhere. It’s time to get in mood and bring out the Christmas tree, one of the symbols that transmits the joy of the season.


We prepared some tips for you to excel on this Christmas tradition.

  1. It is show time!
    Nowadays, there are artificial trees in many sizes, colors and shapes, as well prices also varies. Pick one considering the space you have in your home. Decide also, based on the durability of the tree (for the artificial ones) since you will be using it for several years.
  2. Setting up the decoration

I suggest you start putting on the ornaments from the bottom, starting by the middle you risk lacking on accessories for the other parts and thus will get a weird aspect on your tree. Varying on accessories is part of the game, but establish a certain pattern on the colors because after all it is Christmas not carnival.

  1. Themes
    If you are looking for innovation and like being creative you could go for themed decorations and changing it every year. For example, if you have small kids at home, you could make use of ted bears on the tree. For older kids, what about a candy themed decoration?
  2. Ornaments
    There are plenty of options in the market, but why not gathering the family and doing the ribbons together? Further than having personalized accessories you will spend time with your loved ones and actually getting point of Christmas: love and union.
  3. Decorating and learning
    Kids more than anyone else get very exited for Christmas, you can use that to lead them on learning. One idea, for example, is to create a calendar and start a countdown stimulating the learning of numbers for the little ones.
  4. Christmas mood everywhere
    Do not restrict the decoration for your living room, during this magic season the ornaments can be placed everywhere. You can change table clothes, dishes, towels, soaps, pillows and so on, all Christmas themed.
  5. When it comes to the table you can use freely the colors of the season, what about red glasses, white plates, golden forks and ornaments in green? The food is usually place IMG_0565on the center of the table but in case you don’t have such space opt for placing it in a buffet near the table. Napkins, napkin holders, candles all Christmas themed!


Let’s get up and go for a wonderful decoration? Merry Christmas and peace for all of us!





By Tamara Vizioli

Fotos: Viviane Carvalho

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